Classes in General English and Business English

Online Classes by Skype

Skype has revolutionised the teaching of foreign languages.

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One-to-One Classes

In one-to-one classes, the student and teacher work together.

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Group Classes

In group classes, the students work together under the guidance of the teacher.

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Who Is Your Teacher?

My name is Douglas. I'm British, I hold the TESOL qualification and I've been teaching English as a foreign language since the year 2000. There are a few so-called 'quick' methods that make a lot of promises about how easy it will be to learn English – or any other language. But, the real facts are the following:

  • Learning a language requires work and commitment from the student – and the teacher!
  • You learn much more easily if you understand it – so the teacher's ability to explain is very important!
  • They say practice makes perfect. Well, it certainly helps – a lot!
  • Shyness and the fear of making mistakes are your enemies. Reject them! Practise, make mistakes, learn from them – and practise some more!

So, learning a language does take a lot of work. But that doesn't mean that it has to be boring and serious all the time. Students learn best when they are relaxed, happy and interested – and that's what I try to achieve in my classes! We'll use materials such as the Headway course and any other appropriate sources, like podcasts and videos, to keep the course interesting and entertaining. And remember – the more you participate, the more fun it is, and the quicker you learn!