Web text

Whether you like it or not, people will judge the value of your web content by the standard of English that you use. Errors in grammar and spelling will quickly cause your readers to lose confidence in the message that you want to communicate to them. Don’t let that happen!

Social media posts

Social media posts are short. That means you only have a few words to put your message across. Make every word count!

Blog posts

Your blog posts are a key part of your marketing message. This is where you give your potential clients confidence that you are a professional in your field. Don’t let that confidence be lost through bad grammar and spelling.


Your business emails say a lot about your business. Errors in grammar and spelling can destroy your message! So be sure that it’s perfect.

Marketing literature

You put a lot of work into communicating your message to potential clients. Make sure that all your hard work isn’t wasted just because of errors in English.

Video subtitles

Reading video subtitles is extra work for your viewers. Make it easy for them by optimising your subtitle text.

Work with a professional

I have many years' experience of editing and proofreading for the book and magazine publishing industries.


I can work in .docx (MS Word) and .odt (LibreOffice, OpenOffice) formats. For your convenience, I can supply the edited text with change tracking, so you can see exactly what has been changed.

As an extra service, I can include comments to explain the reason for key editorial changes. This can help you to improve your own writing skills.

How it works

First, please make contact by email to let me know about your text. Once we've confirmed that we're going to work together, please make your payment and send your text to me by email.


Texts of fewer than 1,500 words are charged at a flat rate of £4.75 per text (uncommented), or £7.00 per text (with editorial comments). To make your payment for the work, please use the buttons below.

If your text is longer than 1,500 words, please send me a sample and ask me for a price. Seeing the text will allow me to estimate how much work is involved in the editing, so I can give you the best price! This procedure should be necessary only for the first text we collaborate on (assuming the author is the same). I will invoice you for this type of work via PayPal.

Find out more

If you have any questions about how I could help you validate and improve your texts, just send me an email, and I'll get back to you quickly.
You can see my LinkedIn profile here.